Elizabeth Profiled in Seattle Weekly

Seattle Weekly published a terrific profile of Elizabeth in advance of the Bo-Nita World Premiere at Seattle Rep. Tickets are now on sale; previews begin October 18. The beginning of the Seattle Weekly profile:

Elizabeth Heffron, Seattle WeeklyElizabeth Heffron is one of the friendliest playwrights you’ll ever meet. She laughs easily; and when she listens, it’s usually with the attentive, sensitive smile of an experienced mom. Pretty, relaxed, and engaged, she doesn’t seem in any way a troublemaker. But that’s only true if you haven’t seen her plays. “That’s what I was told by a literary manager I met at Hedgebrook,” she says, remembering a recent encounter at the Whidbey Island writers’ colony. “After we read one of my plays, she just looked at me and said, ‘But you seem like such a nice lady.’  Read the rest of the story: Seattle Weekly Fall Arts: Elizabeth Heffron. Why a local playwright wants us to consider a rigged economic system.

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