Mitzi’s Abortion Wows Them in Washington DC

Mitzi's Abortion by Elizabeth HeffronMitzi’s Abortion received a rave review for its five performance run at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC, July 12-25, 2012. Produced by The Washington Rogues, a “focused, connected ensemble cast,” and Elizabeth Heffron’s writing impressed Liz Maestri of the The Pink Line Project. An excerpt:

This is a powerful play that tackles issues of politics and religion not through patronization, but through masterful writing and storytelling. It’s a story about a woman, her loved ones, and personal tragedy—sadly in stark contrast to the crass and vicious public manner in which the topic of abortion is usually discussed. At times it’s brutal to watch, and there was a lump in my throat throughout (despite ever-present bumpin’ tunes from the neighboring NY Ave Beach Bar). Heffron builds the plot expertly, and keeps the script moving with poignant and humorous visits from 12th Century Catholic Saint Thomas Aquinas (John C. Bailey) and Reckless Mary, a burned-at-the-stake 17th Century Scottish midwife (Louise Schlegel).

Mitzi’s Abortion received ACT Theatre’s New Play Award in 2005, and had its world premiere at ACT, Seattle, in 2006. Mitzi’s Abortion was also produced in New York and Florida in 2011.

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